Since its inception in 2006, Key IT Solutions has been focusing on providing services to the financial sector and education. Having solid clients in its portfolio enabled it to grow its presence and bring about business that enabled it to sustain growth.

Key IT focused on being a service provider as businesses were trying to build their infrastructure to partner with them on both the human resources and the technical resources. We have been successful in maintaining a presence with our clients through providing best practices and services in the field.

Since the 2009/2010 we have been noticing as we served around the nation while consulting with non-profits the lack in services for such sector.

We explored with several clients as provided research and presentation services for many of the non-profit organizations around the nation, and provided solutions tailored to their needs and the need of their membership. There was definitely a void that needed to be filled.

Starting 2012, Key IT Solutions shifted its focus to the development of the non-profit religious sector. Our focus was on providing the following services:

  • Information Technology
  • Organizational Development
  • Multimedia & Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Research

Non-profits in general lack the experience and resources to advance their missions. We observed that many of the Islamic non-profits needed the help in developing or complementing them in these areas.